Tuia Mayoral Workshop 2019

Published: 7 March 2019

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Tuia Rangatahi Programme: Mayoral Training Workshop 2019 


Tuia Mayoral Workshop

The Tuia Mayoral Workshop, a big thank you to the Wellington City Council for supporting the training day – legends.


On Wednesday, 6th March – Mayors, Community Boards Members and Organisations came together for the Tuia Mayoral Workshop in Wellington to learn more about the Tuia kaupapa and how to make the most of their mentor relationship with young Māori.

The Tuia programme involves the local Mayor selecting a young Māori from their district to mentor for a whole year on a one-on-one basis, to encourage and enhance leadership skills. The mentorship relationship is a mix of both informal and formal occasions that will assist the young person’s development as a local leader and a series of national wānanga for young Māori to connect with other rangatahi participating in the programme.

The relationship between the Mayor and rangatahi provides an opportunity to gain deeper insight into intergenerational issues, cultural values and experiences. It not only provides a learning opportunity for a young Māori, but also for the respected Mayor.

To date, there has been over 50 councils participating in the programme and a wider demand for community boards and NGOs.

The Tuia Mayoral Workshop explored different themes around what makes a good mentor, the importance of a Mayoral connection to young Māori and ways to further support the programme. Tihou and Haimona did a fantastic job with past alumni facilitating the workshop and inspiring attendees to make a big difference in their districts.