MTFJ Communications

The MTFJ prides itself on being a network that consists of New Zealand's Mayors and their communities. With this collectivity comes great knowledge and experience which is what makes us the strongest and best placed group to ensure all young people are given the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

The primary role of the MTFJ is to manage and connect the national network to ensure all Mayors are updated, informed and connected to what is happening locally, regionally and nationally. 

MTFJ Website

The MTFJ Website is a central location where information of what councils are doing in the Youth Transition and Employment space is kept and is available. One feature of the MTFJ website is a hub which includes a database of all 67 councils in the country and consists of the following:

  • Information about the Mayor
  • Key statistics for the area
  • Industry trends 
  • Key MTFJ Projects
  • Any news articles relating to the council
  • Information on any upcoming council events

This hub enables councils and other stakeholders to view information about any council and learn about what local projects and initiatives they have operating. Click here to view the MTFJ Hub.

The MTFJ Website is also a location where relevant resources, tools and information can be found to assist in work that relates to youth transition. Click here to be directed to the resources and tools page.

LGNZ Communications 

The MTFJ brand has been integrated into the LGNZ Communications Strategy as a result of the alignment of the two brands. The MTFJ features in the following LGNZ communications streams:

  • LGNZ Website
  • e-Communications - Front Page News, Sector Briefs, Policy Brief

To view these communication streams, click here.

The MTFJ also has involvement at the LGNZ Conference as well as regular Zone & Sector Meetings.