The future of industry is shaped not just by the economic and technological changes, but also by population and generational changes. The key to ongoing success therefore depends not just on technical excellence, but managerial excellence.

Social Demographer, Mark McCrindle has a range of online resources that look at intergenerational relationships and change.

Bridging the gap guide for Employees

"People in different age groups often see life differently. Today’s employers not only went through a different workplace to the one today — but they have a longer experience of the workplace and with that comes a different perspective. Therefore it is critical that today’s employees understand the background of their employer and so are equipped to bridge the generation gaps." - McCrindle Research.

To view the 'Bridging the Gap Guide for Employees to understand & communicate with your boss' by McCrindle Research, click here.

Bridging the gap guide for Employers

Today’s young workers: Generation Y, have different characteristics, attitudes, and workplace expectations to older generations. Based on the latest Australian research, this guide provides you with the key information and skills you need to better retain, manage and train this 21st Century worker.

To view the 'Bridging the Gap Guide for Employers to manage and retain the new generation of employees' by McCrindle Research, click here.