Kaikoura District Council

Mayor Craig Mackle


 Mayor Craig Mackle

 Work: 03 319 5026
 Email: craig.mackle@kaikoura.govt.nz

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Key Kaikoura Stats

3,552 ¹
Youth Population (15-24)
333 ²
Number of Unemployed
66 ²
Number of Youth Unemployed (15-24)
9 ²

¹ Source: Stats NZ - 2013 Census Data 
² Source: 2013 Census - TLA Summary

Industry trends in Kaikoura

  • Tourism
  • Fishing
  • Farming 

Key MTFJ projects in Kaikoura

We have recently held a Youth in emergency services programme with outstanding success. 15 young men and woman took part in a six week course working with our local St Johns, Coastguard and Fire Brigade. Culminating in a weekend course involving all three services. The young Adults are now volunteering for a further period, all three service groups now have  some young volunteers wishing to stay on board and those attending have gained a range of skills that help them become better employees in the future.