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Jobseeker Induction Guide

We specialise in helping young jobseekers, but much of our support applies to jobseekers of any age. Here's some of our key messaging for jobseekers:

  • CV assistance: We'll help you create a standout CV.
  • Driver's license: If you need a driver's license, we can assist you in getting one.
  • Work-ready gear: We provide necessary work gear, including tools, if required.
  • Counselling: We offer a confidential counselling service for free.
  • Comprehensive support: From becoming work-ready to training, obtaining certificates, addressing personal needs, arranging transport, and more – we're here to help with whatever you need.

What sets us apart:

  • Extensive business network: We're connected to a vast network of businesses, which allows us to find the right fit for you.
  • Non-judgmental: We don't judge your past; we're focused on helping you build a brighter future.
  • Community-centered: We're deeply rooted in our local community, and we genuinely care about your job satisfaction and success.

Meet and greet

It's crucial that we meet job-seekers in person rather than just speaking on the phone. We keep it casual, provide information about our services, and ask questions to start a dialogue. Here are some questions we might ask:

  • Why did you reach out to us?
  • What did you enjoy doing in school or outside of it?
  • Do you feel prepared for a job after school?
  • Do you know someone with a job you admire?
  • What skills do you think employers value the most?


Make their situation normal

We understand that:

  • Writing CVs is challenging, and many people struggle with them.
  • Career paths can be different – some choose one job for life, while others explore various options.
  • Not everyone pursues higher education, but it doesn't limit your job prospects.
  • Overcoming drug use can be tough but can open up more job opportunities.
  • Education isn't the only path to success.

Things they need to know

  • We check if you have a phone and help you get one if needed.
  • Ensuring your phone has credit for calls is important, so we'll check your plan.
  • We help set up a work-appropriate email address.
  • If you need internet access at home, we encourage signing up for low-cost prepaid broadband.
  • If you don't have a computer at home, we provide access at our hub or community space.
  • We discuss any criminal convictions and help you understand what to declare when seeking employment.
  • For those using drugs, we offer support and can even perform drug tests to help you get drug-free.
  • If you have alcohol dependence, we provide referrals and support.
  • Identifying a supportive person in your life can make a big difference.
  • We guide you in creating an effective CV.
  • If you need a driver's license, we'll enroll you in a programme.
  • For those requiring a road-worthy vehicle, we assist in obtaining one.
  • We match your literacy and numeracy levels with suitable job roles.
  • If you have a learning disability, we ensure you're placed where you receive adequate support.
  • For people who struggle with communication, we offer ITS Workplace Communication Courses.
  • We ensure you're managing any medications effectively and provide support if needed.
  • We consider physical impairments when placing you in roles.
  • If you face anxiety or other mental health challenges, we provide referrals.
  • We assist in acquiring interview clothing and building a work-ready wardrobe.
  • We offer budgeting support to help manage your finances effectively.
  • If you're an MSD client, we check if you're accessing your transition-to-work grant once employed.
  • We'll discuss the advantages of MSD support if they are interested.


Courageous Conversations

In this role, we sometimes need to address difficult topics. Here's how we approach these conversations:

  • Drug use: We address substance use and its impact on employment opportunities, offering support.
  • Unreliable: We discuss punctuality and the importance of being dependable.
  • Mental health: We acknowledge the challenges of maintaining employment while facing mental health issues and offer confidential counselling services.
  • Appearance and body odour: We address personal hygiene concerns tactfully and offer solutions.
  • Home situation: We recognise family responsibilities and explore alternative solutions.
  • Budgeting: We help create a simple budget to manage finances effectively.
  • Justice: We discuss the importance of honesty regarding criminal convictions when seeking employment.

Having these conversations helps us understand how to provide the best support.