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Partner organisations

MTFJ has created partnerships with other organisations and businesses to provide additional support and expertise in specific areas.



EMA provides advisory and consulting services for businesses, offering training courses, network support, advocacy groups, and resources. They provide  additional support services for existing EMA members.

You can use your MTFJ business support fund for this service, so there's no cost to the business. 

EMA creates live webinars for MTFJ-affiliated businesses and employers to help with recruitment, onboarding, and retention of employees. These webinars are free to attend, and you'll receive notice from the MTFJ National Office about dates and publicity materials to share with your business network.


Pastoral support for employers

Check if the business is an EMA member. If not, start them on the Start Your Success package (cost varies based on the number of employees).

If the business is already a member or wants more support, they can upgrade to the Boost Your Success package.

Pastoral care, e-Learnings, and benefits are valid for 12 months from the package's start date.

  • Start Your Success: A pastoral care and capability-building package for employers. For those not already EMA members, this is their first place to start. Package includes:
    • Pastoral care
    • 3 hours of 1:1 mentoring support, working with your dedicated EMA consultant (inbound Pastoral care)
    • Outbound pastoral care support for the employer, with unlimited access to AdviceLine over 150+ comprehensive online guides, resources and webinars
    • Building capability
    • E-Learning modules of your choice - up to the value of $130 (ex GST)

Total Package Cost Excl GST 
(Rate relevant to no# of staff/employees)
Under 10 staff $1,521 
10 - 49 staff $1,869 
50 – 99 staff $2,304
100+ staff $2,739


  • Boost Your Success: Extension package of higher-level pastoral care and increased training budget.  It should be selected when the business is either already an EMA Member or has previously chosen the “set up for success” package. Package includes:
    • Pastoral care
    • A further 6 hours of additional 1:1 EMA consultant support (or a part of this value can be used on supplying people experience HR resources, updated legal documents, policies)
    • Building capability
    • Training/learning - Further capability building, e-learning or training to the value of $350 (ex GST)

Package Cost: $1,913 (ex GST).

To order EMA support for an employer 

Contact EMA at with the required details.

Provide the package name, price, Purchase Order (PO) number, your name, job title, contact information, council affiliation, business name, business contact details, and employee count.

If needed, call 0800 300362 and select the option for the Membership Team.

Update the CRM

  1. On the relevant deal, select +Add on Line Items
  2. Select from product library
  3. Select the product called EMA (Employer Support)
  4. Select your chosen product (use the advice above to determine a suitable product for the employer).
  5. Review your selection and then Save
  6. A window will prompt you to confirm Update Deal Amount
  7. Check that line items are now displaying your selection on your deal



ITS offers micro-credentials with NZQA standards and credits, including live online training, correspondence options, and group learning sessions.

MTFJ gets special rates for their courses. Visit their website at for more details.

Live online

MTFJ's rate for live online courses is $150 per student, including GST. ITS can run a course for as few as 15 people for MTFJ group bookings, and MTFJ Job Seekers can join public live online courses at the same rate.

MTFJ can choose any live online course from this catalogue:

Plan your future

Plan Your Future Live Online option for MTFJ groups of 20 or more is $85 per student, including GST. It's a Level 2, 3-credit course for those unsure about their future career path.

The course covers setting goals, managing budgets, exploring career pathways, and making dreams a reality.

Mana ako Mahi - Pride in learning and work 

MTFJ's rate for digital self-paced courses is $140 per student. These packages are designed for upskilling from home or in groups.

You can buy a course for a student to do at home or purchase a bundle to lead group learning for your programme.

In-person courses

MTFJ gets a 10% discount on face-to-face courses until the end of June 2023. Minimum attendee numbers apply, varying for different courses. More details can be found at


Recommended courses

  • Tutuki, Level 2: Tutuki means reaching new heights. This course is designed to boost workplace communication skills, teamwork abilities, and strategies for handling stress. It's all about helping young people to succeed.

  • Team BBQ, Level 2 or Level 3: This is a highly popular course with impressive results. Attendees will work as part of a team, practicing food safety methods, collaborating, and planning to create and serve a BBQ meal. For this course, a minimum of 20 attendees is required.

  • Leadership 101, Level 3: In this interactive and motivating 2-day course, participants will learn how to break down barriers that might be holding them back from seizing great opportunities. It's suitable for those with natural leadership skills who just need some guidance.

  • Hāpai, Level 3: Hāpai means to uplift, support, and start a new journey. This 3-day course is perfect for participants looking to enhance their essential communication skills and gain insights into how their actions can impact workplace performance.

  • X Factor Plus, Level 3: This action-packed 5-day course is ideal for those who want to become better communicators and valuable team members. Attendees will learn how to overcome challenges, boost their confidence, and gain essential communication and customer service skills for various industries and career paths.

Employment skills

  • Introduction to Employment, Level 2: This course explores setting short- and long-term goals, managing everyday costs and budgets, and researching different career options. It's all about making their dreams a reality.

  • Interview Essential, Level 3: This course helps job seekers master the art of job interviews with winning communication and listening skills. Participants will be equipped with effective communication techniques and strategies to overcome interview barriers, boosting their confidence.

Customer service and retail

  • Customer Service Kickstarter, Level 2: For interactive and hands-on learning, this 2-day course is perfect. Participants will develop the skills to interact and sell to a diverse audience while working within a team.

  • Advanced Customer Service, Level 3: Designed for those with some experience in customer service, this training equips participants with the qualities and skills needed to become confident customer service superstars.


  • Barista 101, Level 2 and 3 combined: This two-day course offers practical learning with plenty of hands-on experience operating espresso machines and making coffee. Attendees will also gain insights into the history and production of coffee and learn more about the beans used to create great coffee. A minimum of 20 attendees is required for this course.

  • Cafe Counter Service, Level 2: Ideal for those looking to enter the hospitality industry or just starting out, this two-day course provides an introduction to the world of hospitality. A minimum of 20 attendees is required for this course.

To book training with ITS

  1. They should select the course from the website.
  2. They need to email with their request.

Once booking is confirmed, they should request a PO number if required and email it to

In the CRM:

  • They should go to 'Contacts' / 'Custom Objects' / 'My Programmes'.
  • In the top right corner, they should click 'Create Programme' and set up the program, for example, "Hāpai September 2022"
  • They should add job seekers to the programme  


MTFJ is covered by the Youth Workers Code of Ethics so you can take part in training that is happening all over Aotearoa.

Find out more

MTFJ has partnered with Outward Bound to provide discounted places on a range of courses throughout the year. Please contact Tammie, or Maree to discuss options.


Mayors from all councils have the opportunity to mentor one rangatahi Māori a year through our partnership with Tuia to enhance leadership within their community. Please contact Tammie or Maree for details. Throughout the year the mentee attends wananga and workshops with Tuia and the mayor.

We partner with Te Pukenga to provide graduation ceremonies for ITO graduates.


The Inzone Mobile Careers Coach is a high-tech mobile careers expo visiting schools across New Zealand. It showcases industries, educational institutions, and successful New Zealanders.

Inzone's Career Kiosks are interactive touch screens that allow students to watch videos on various careers. After viewing, users can request further information on a career via automated text messages. These kiosks offer valuable career insights and help students make informed choices.

The Inzone Career Coach will visit your community for a free Road Show when you sponsor two or more Inzone Career Kiosks. This sponsorship saves $2,000, and the annual sponsorship cost for each Careers Kiosk is 5k+GST for a minimum of one year.

For more information, visit or contact Donna directly at