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We use Jotform for monthly reporting and HubSpot to capture data around outcomes - both are equally important.

Each coordinator has been given access to our CRM system HubSpot and Jotform.

The CRM can be used specifically for managing and reporting on the programme. Every council will have its own dashboard, making it easy to report in real-time on how well their programmes are doing. You can (and should) also report non-MSD outcomes in Hubspot to show the wider work MTFJ does. They can be recorded in HubSpot under “non-MSD” outcome.

If you have questions about using the CRM, you can find helpful tips and tools in the CRM section of the toolkit.

Monthly Reporting:

On the 10th day of each month, councils send a report to MTFJ, which we then share with MSD. This report must include a detailed financial statement.

The monthly report should cover the following for the previous month (while making sure to follow the Privacy Act 2020):

  • A comprehensive financial report detailing all expenditures up to the current date.
  • A commentary from the Mayor.
  • A description of the initiatives supported through the programme and the sustainable employment outcomes achieved through these initiatives.
  • Coordinator activities, including employer visits and support provided to employees in the workplace.
  • A summary of interactions and engagement with MSD.
  • A description of any future opportunities or initiatives that the Council may consider pursuing under the programme or through other means.

Collective Review:

Councils participate in quarterly online review meetings. These meetings are scheduled for November 2023, February 2024, May 2024, September 2024, November 2024, February 2025, and May 2025.


Reporting and Planning Tool
Please click the link for the reporting and planning tool.