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Tararua Youth on Outward Bound

Watch some Tararua locals talk about their Outward Bound experience. 

Outward Bound impact in Tararua


Outward Bound rowing


Three Tararua College students have returned to school refreshed, inspired and confident they can tackle anything the future may hold for them. Jack Elliott, Gracie Finlayson and Maddison O’Leary were the lucky recipients of a Mayors Taskforce For Jobs Scholarship (MTFJ), which enabled them to attend a recent “Mind Body Soul” Outward Bound course at Anakiwa, in the Queen Charlotte Sound.


The 21 day course is designed to help teens build independence and leadership qualities that will enable them to make the most of their final years at school and take on challenges in the future with confidence. All activities students take part in are designed to build transferable skills and attitudes for the future, such as greater self-belief, better social skills, a greater appreciation of diversity and a better ability to deal with change.


When not in the classroom at Anakiwa School students took part in bush expeditions, water challenges, sea voyages and height activities. These activities took all of them out of their comfort zone and exposed them to experiences and challenges they would not normally face in their everyday lives. While many of these challenges where at times “daunting” all three described the course as an amazing and challenging experience, which gave them more confidence and changed the way they thought about themselves and life.


Something else they all agreed on was the experience was amazing, and definitely something they would recommend to others.


The Mayors Taskforce For Jobs (MTFJ) is a nationwide network of New Zealand Mayors, who work together to towards a vision of all young people under 25 being engaged in appropriate education, training, work or other positive activity in their communities. Governed by a Core Group that includes 17 Mayors from throughout the country, including Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis, the MTFJ runs advocacy projects and partners with best practice organisations to promote the economic well-being of young people.


Each year MTFJ has a limited number of scholarships available for the “Mind Body Soul” Outward Bound course.


Although called the “Mayors Taskforce For Jobs Scholarship” there is no cost to Council’s for these scholarships. MTFJ interviewed those involved to hear how they found it. You can watch the full interview here: