Mayors gather to develop rangatahi mentoring programme

Published: 1 March 2020

News type: National news   

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A workshop to be held in Wellington this month aims to grow one of New Zealand’s most successful mentorship programmes, which has paired dozens of young Māori in one-on-one partnerships with local mayors.

The Tuia programme, in partnership with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) and the Wellington City Council are hosting a Mayoral Training Workshop on March 4, to help mayors participating in the Tuia programme enhance their mentoring relationship with rangatahi (young) Māori.

The Tuia programme is an intergenerational approach to developing the way in which rangatahi Māori contribute to communities throughout New Zealand.

“The Tuia Programme ensures that young people have positive mentors and support networks around them, which enhances their opportunities in employment or training,” says MTFJ chair and Ōtorohanga Mayor Max Baxter.

The Tuia Programme sees mayors partner with a rangatahi Māori from their district who they will develop a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship with.  Rangatahi will also attend five wānanga in different part of the country to build networks and be expected to undertake a 100 hour community contribution project..

The partnership between MTFJ and Tuia focusses on a strategic focus for MTFJ, in expanding and advocating the importance of youth mentoring.  The Tuia programme has grown year-on-year since its inception in 2011, with 40 councils expected to participate in the programme in 2020.

“The Tuia programme has provided me with deeper insight into inter-generational issues, culture values and experiences of young Māori in my district of Ōtorohanga.”

“It is a privilege to learn from young Māori through the Tuia programme and the Taskforce is committed to encouraging more Mayors to get engaged in this kaupapa,”

“In many communities across Aoteatoa, young Māori are our future workforce and the driver for developing future economic success.  Tuia helps Mayors nurture the next generation of young Māori,” concluded Baxter.

The Mayoral Training Workshop will see participating mayors learning tools and strategies to develop meaningful relationships with their selected rangatahi.