Youth Employment Dashboard

The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) has partnered with leading data analysts Dot Loves data to provide territorial authorities with relevant and timely data on how their local economies are tracking in regards to tackling youth unemployment. 

The ‘MTFJ Youth Employment Dashboard’ displays key labour market indicators and statistics such as: youth unemployment figures, Trademe job vacancies, school leaver attainment and destinations, the number of youth receiving a job seeker benefit, skill shortages and key employment industries.

Ensuring that councils throughout the country and those working on the ground with young people have timely and accurate data at their disposal in regards to their economy is critical, especially as councils across the country are well underway with their own local economic COVID-19 recovery plans. 

The dashboard displays the data in an easy and digestible way, alongside making comparisons to the national averages on some data sets, the dashboard can monitor and track the improvements of other territorial authorities over time.  The data will be updated bi-monthly.

Please note that the MTFJ Youth Employment Dashboard is best used on a computer desktop after selecting the full screen mode.