Our Work

In this section you will find the various projects already in operation for the MTFJ. These include:

  • The Core Group working to provide a comprehensive communication suite in order to keep mayors up to date with activity from throughout the country;
  • The MTFJ working with the Industry Training Federation to deliver graduation ceremonies to celebrate the success of those local graduates whom have recently completed a qualification through one of the Industry Training Organisation's (ITOs);
  • The Mayors in New Zealand mentoring local Rangatahi (young Māori) to develop and enhance their leadership skills

  • The Outward Bound and MTFJ partnership which provides development opportunities for young people through New Zealand communities, to enhance soft skills and leadership capabilities 
  • MTFJ's advocacy and pilot programme regarding driver licensing; and
  • MTFJ investing in workplace literacy and numeracy skills with Skills Highway.

Industry Training Graduations are all about recognising achievements and creating opportunities to celebrate the success of industry trainees and modern apprentices.

With the right support and the right opportunities, these young leaders can become drivers of social and economic change in their respective communities.

Outward Bound and MTFJ have partnered to provide development opportunities for young people throughout New Zealand's districts.