Steering Aotearoa - Next Steps 2018

Following on from the 2017 LGNZ remit, MTFJ began meeting with various government departments to discuss Steering Aotearoa. 

Prior to the 2017 General Election, Labour and NZ First recognised the importance of driver training for young people. Labour went as far as to include this as part of the "School Leavers Toolkit.

You can read more about the toolkit here and here

Following the general election MTFJ have been working closely with various ministries on their approach to a driver licensing programme. 

Ensuring a successful programme is delivered that works for young New Zealanders is the number one priority of MTFJ. We are determined to see the knowledge and experience of local driver programmes and their staff captured and utilised. 

We will be sharing updates with our members as soon as we can - stay tuned to find out more.