Mission & Objectives

Find out about MTFJ's Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives.

MTFJ Vision

The purpose of the MTFJ is to facilitate a supportive network of Mayors to allow each community to learn from the experiences of each other as they each strive to achieve the Taskforce’s Vision:

That all young people under 25 be engaged in appropriate education, training work or positive activities in their communities

MTFJ Mission

  • Integrate education, training, employment, economic and community development

  • Maximise opportunities for our youth that are future-focused and aligned with economic development

  • Build knowledge, skills and relationships with ongoing benefits to youth, employers, communities and the New Zealand economy

MTFJ Values

We believe that:

  • Mayors irrespective of their different political persuasions will work together for this common purpose

  • Mayors and local authorities will take a proactive leadership role in addressing youth employment across sectors at the local level

  • Mayors are committed to a robust long-term partnership with central government

  • Long term strategies are vital in developing the potential of all young people in our communities

  • Local economic development opportunities and initiatives are essential to the development of vibrant and sustainable communities

  • Mayors are in a unique position to maximise publicity and develop opportunities to achieve the Taskforce vision

MTFJ Objectives

Support Mayoral leadership to promote the healthy transition of every young person towards adulthood, ensuring all young people are engaged in appropriate education, training, work or positive activities in their communities.

We will:

  • Facilitate community solutions which encourage improved: pathway development, access, retention and achievement of youth outcomes within education, training and employment

  • Support the most vulnerable youth communities in New Zealand [1] to increase possibilities for the future

  • Engage with Maori and Pasifika communities to support culturally relevant solutions which build the capacity of young people and their families

  • Build strong partnerships to encourage collaboration, community ownership and development

[1] ‘Vulnerable youth communities’ refers to those with high-youth unemployment rates, low educational and training outcomes and high Deprivation Index ratings.