Taupo Pathways

"A significant issue facing the Taupō District is the projected population declineby 2035. With the sustained loss of young adults and an aging population, it is becoming increasingly important to hold on to our young people."  David  J Trewavas (MAYOR)

A partnership between local representatives for employers, iwi, youth services, schools and training providers who recognise the importance of young people having a plan and direction for their future.Young people thrive when they contribute to society, learn important employment skills and a good work ethic, build connections to local businesses and help others.

The purpose of Taupō Pathways is to undertake, facilitate, and promote initiatives and programmes that advance education, training, employment, and positive activities for young people under the age of twenty-five (25) in the Taupō District. The Trust will help connect and support young people to transition into employment, education and training in a way that links to the workforce requirements of local businesses, and enables them to reach their full potential.  

Taupō Pathways has a committed Board of Trustees and supporting working groups. The Trustees represent employers, iwi, young people services, schools and training providers from throughout the Taupō District.

Our Vision

All young people under 25 are engaged in education, training, work or positive activities leading to meaningful employment in the Taupō District.

Our Mission

Pathways will enhance employment options, opportunities and outcomes for young people through the building of strong connections and relationships between young people and employers in the Taupō District. This will encourage young people to remain in the Taupō District while also attracting young people back.   

Our Values

  • Credibility
  • Inspiration
  • Belonging
  • Care
  • Support
  • Community Collaboration
Our Strategic Priorities and Objectives


Enable connections and relationships that will contribute to young people achieving their full employment potential within the Taupō District.

  • Through connections and relationship-building, link young people with Taupō District employers and businesses.
  • Ensure our young people have an understanding of an engage in training to meet employer and industry skill-set needs.
  • Identify barriers to accessing employment for young people in the Taupō District in order to provide support in removing the barriers.
  • Ensure our young people’s career aspirations and goals are understood.


Promote young people to employers, as key contributors to the prosperity of Taupō District businesses.

  • Develop a meaningful and supportive relationship with employers and businesses throughout the Taupō District.               
  • Encourage employers to employ young people.
  • Understand employer staffing and skillset requirements to facilitate connections with appropriately skilled young people. 
  • Support employers and businesses to engage in Best Practice employment behaviours when employing young people.


Encourage community-wide engagement in the shaping of our young peoples’ wellbeing with a particular focus on employment outcomes.    

  • The Community celebrates young people and employer achievements.
  • Community-wide resources and services are understood so connections can be made for young people requiring support during the transition into training or employment. (Making connections with the community).
  • Gain community buy-in and investment through a number of resource types (E.g. funding, facilities, time, mentoring).


Build robust relationships with all stakeholders through clear, concise and meaningful communication.

  • Develop, maintain and nurture connections and relationships built with young people, employers and the members of the community.
  • Facilitate access to up-to-date resources for young people seeking employment in Taupō District.
  • Facilitate access to up-to-date resources for employers seeking employees in Taupō District.
  • Reinforce a positive message about employment and lifestyle opportunities in the District.