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 Tindall Foundation
The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation is a private family foundation that gives to organisations and communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand by way of donations, training, capacity building and research and partnering with others.

The organisation aims to see communities grow and prosper so our childrens’ children will have the very best chance in life. As a family and as an organisation, they feel very fortunate to be in a position that enables us to share with others.

The Tindall Foundation funded and supported the recent series of workshops facilitated by Dave Turner, and have played a big part in supporting Youth Connections in Auckland. 

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 Todd Foundation largeThe Todd Foundation

The Todd Foundation is a private family philanthropy based in Wellington New Zealand. We provide funding to New Zealand organisations that contribute towards our vision of  ‘inclusive communities where all families, children and young people can thrive and contribute’.

The Todd Foundation recently supported the MTFJ through a series of workshops and is active with some of the local MTFJ initiatives being run around the country.

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 ITF LogoIndustry Training Federation

The Industry Training Federation (ITF) is the collective voice for the Industry Training and Apprenticeships sector in New Zealand.

The members of the ITF are New Zealand's eleven Industry Training Organisation's (ITOs). Every year, ITOs help around 138,000 trainees gain qualifications through on the job workplace learning, alongside businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The ITF supports the MTFJ's Industry Training Graduation structure. More information on these graduations can be viewed here.

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